What is Your Dream? What is Your Obstacle to Achieving That Dream?

Barbara Sher has come up in my thoughts lately. She is an expert in helping people to achieve their dreams. I remember seeing her on PBS during one or two of their fund drives long ago. I wondered what she was up to and well, if she was still alive. She was an older lady back then so, you know, stuff happens.

Maybe that’s why I hadn’t looked her up on the internet. I was afraid she might have passed away.

But then this video popped up on my YouTube feed.

It’s a TedX video and it’s about 20 minutes long. In it Barbara Sher tells the story of how she used to run “encounter groups” and how that grew into something else entirely.

I love how she is so down to earth. She’s a bit different from Tony Robbins.

What is your dream? What is your obstacle? How much simpler could it be?

I just looked her up on Wikipedia. She is almost 82 years old.

Her latest book is called “Refuse to Choose” and according to Wikipedia “is a step-by-step program designed for “scanners”, people with many interests who are unable to decide on a single direction for their lives”.

Is that me in a nutshell or what? I will have to check that out. I suffer from too much scanning and not enough focusing in case you couldn’t tell.

And the point of this blog post is? No seriously I wasn’t trying to sell you a book or anything.

I will find my tribe and we will build our dreams together. Yes, we will.

I am not convinced by my last statement, but I am getting closer to being convinced.

I realize that trying to tackle my challenges on my own has been an abysmal failure and I’ve got to try a new strategy.

Do Not Focus On What Is – Well Unless You Like What Is Of Course

Focus on what you want and not on what is.  I always seem to forget that.  I don’t like to put quotes up or make vision boards because I don’t like to face ridicule.  Such a sensitive little bird I am.  Gag.  Everything happens for a reason, right?

Yes I am much wiser for what I have experienced in the last few years.  Perhaps I will be able to rebuild from where I am.  I am not super confident at the moment though.

I want to be free to be me.

Perhaps I should go to Texas to visit my mom.  But she and everyone living in her house have a level of disfunctionality going on that I find hard to deal with being the sensitive little bird that I am.  Gag.  Plus there isn’t really a room for me to stay in there.  I need my space to retreat, especially with the level of kookooness going on there.  Alas, ’tis a bad idea.

I need to clean up the energy in my bedroom.  I would like to get rid of all of my belongings.  Well, most of them.  I started on that yesterday, well, just general cleaning, and then had an energy crash that sent me into a moderate depression.  My vibration is just all over the place lately.  I feel stupid writing things in Law of Attraction terms.  Perhaps that is just because I don’t feel free to be me.  Waaaaahh.

I like to listen to Muse music.  I just love Matt Bellamy’s guitar riffs.  I think I was a revolutionary in a past life.  When I first learned about the truth of 9/11 I was so fired up.  Man I was pissed.  I started talking about that s&^t to everyone.  They all seemed very confused and most thought I was losing it.  Perhaps I was.  Then a whole cascade of events really effed things up for me for a while.  Be careful if you start talking about 9/11.  There is a reason that people still don’t talk about it.  I will leave it at that.

How come the psychotic people always wind up being in charge of things?

Focus on what you want and not what is.

I can’t afford to think about 9/11 at the moment.  But sometimes it’s just nice to be unabashedly pissed off about things.

Somehow I need to transform this sentiment…

more into this type of sentiment….

I totally love this song by Kenny Loggins.  If you haven’t yet heard it, I highly recommend it.

Such a confused soul I am.

Can I fully embrace the law of attraction?  I need to look for that good feeling thought.


Tony Robbins Can Solve Problems

Ha, yes I did come across a Tony Robbins video randomly on my YouTube feed the other day.  Help me Tony!!!  Haha.

So this particular video was filmed at some big seminar event and Tony was talking to a couple about what was going wrong in their marriage.  I would post it here but there was some lady interrupting all the time and giving commentary, which was very annoying, so I will not subject anyone to that.  Plus it was an hour and a half long.  I only got through an hour of it before I got interrupted.

His advice was perhaps oversimplified but seemed to be helping this couple.  His no BS approach was refreshing.

So I looked up Tony’s qualifications/education and guess what?  He doesn’t have any formal education beyond high school.  He also happened to have grown up in the town right next to mine.  Go figure.

So then I started considering how little practical training that we are given in our formal education regarding relationships and dealing with people.  I wouldn’t have to be a super duper expert to be able to offer some simple training on this subject.  I still have a lot to learn but I think I can learn a lot from books and videos and whatnot without sitting it a classroom.

If nothing else, I could just have meetup groups for free and see if I am any good at this or have the ovaries for it.

I can’t just learn stuff anymore.  I need to put it into action in some small way at least or I’ll just be stuck in fear and indecision.

Anyway, that’s my latest train of thought.


Just Some Pictures of Bodie, California

Bodie is an abandoned mining town that I recently visited.  It is being maintained in a state of arrested decay.  I thought I would share a few pictures of the place.

Gold was discovered near there in 1859.  The first mill was established in 1861.  It is estimated that the population grew to about 10,000 by 1880.

All mining operations had to cease in 1942 because of World War II and resources being needed elsewhere.  The last people left town in 1962 when it became a state park.