Are You Suppressing Your Inner Weirdness?

Visionaries will prevail. Are you one of them? Do you want to be one of them?

Do you look at the world and see things that you don’t like or things that could be improved or completely redesigned? Then you might be a visionary.

So I recently watched a video that finally inspired me to actually add a post to this website I set up this site over a year ago with an idealistic and ambitious plan of what it could be. Then I started writing my first ambitious blog post only to realize that what I was writing sounded pretty pretentious and sort of full of it. So I’m going to start a little bit smaller here.

What was that inspirational video that finally got me on my keyboard?

It’s a TEDX video featuring Camronn Huff titled “Weirdos, Misfits and You”. In it he discusses how roughly 75% of people feel that they fit in and that things in the world are relatively good. He says that the other 25% feel that they don’t fit in and believe they don’t think like other people. They see the world and see ways that it could be different – perhaps feeling like weirdos and misfits – perhaps loners. As you may have guessed, I identify more with the 25%. Mr. Huff discusses how the 25% need to embrace and express their weirdness because well, they are actually 25% of the population – they ARE NOT ALONE. I’ve been trying to fit in and be a part of the crowd – and I hate it. Putting on the happy face and listening to people talk about their latest cruise to Mexico or how crappy their job is just isn’t cutting it for me any more. I’ve become a loner and I’d like to break out of that.

So I was going to write an entry about how “visionaries will prevail” which I do believe – but I’m not there yet. I need to find my visionary community. Maybe you feel the same way? Or maybe you’d just like to connect with other people who care or who think outside the box? Writing a low-traffic blog probably isn’t the best way to connect with other people, but it is a start.

Below is a link to the TEDX talk by Mr. Huff. If you can relate to anything I’ve said you might want to watch it. Leave a comment for me too. I’d like to connect with other people in a more meaningful way. If we don’t find innovative ways to change the world for the better at least we can have fun talking about it.

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3 Responses to Are You Suppressing Your Inner Weirdness?

  1. Jami says:

    I totally get how you feel. I went through am awful phase of blogging where I would post my REAL thoughts and then sort of freak out that I sounded weird or strange. It’s really helped to blog through that and embrace my strangeness (however strange that may seem to others).

    I look forward to reading more of your expressed weirdness!

  2. truthearth says:

    Thanks for writing this, sounds like you are describing starseeds/wanderers here as the 25%. Synchronistically you wrote this on my birthday, something I have been seeing a lot of lately. Much love!

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