INFP Idealist

I can’t seem to make myself join the real world.  The more I hide out in my own little house with the husband, the less I care/want to join the rest of society.  Why does it all seem so boring and pointless.  Is it just me or are 99% of jobs/activities slowly contributing to the demise of our lovely planet and the ecosystem that supports us?

So permaculture and earthships, they are the answer?  Maybe.  Can we all turn our homes into something that actually benefits the world instead of just being parasites?  This is the farthest thing from the corporate/government agenda that you could imagine.

If we all owned our own properties – we wouldn’t need to work half as much – and all of the destructive commuting, soul-killing hours at pointless jobs, etc., could be curtailed.  Self empowerment and home-ownership are at least part of the answer.  People who have a greater abundance of resources available are much less likely to do skeevy evil things just because someone told them they had to in order to survive.  How can we make this happen?  How can I help make that happen.  We need to own our resources and stop feeding the machine.

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One Response to INFP Idealist

  1. Jami says:

    It is difficult to not get discouraged at how humanity ravages the planet. I try to just make small changes in my life and be joyful, and I believe that makes an impact. I believe they call it the butterfly affect.

    I know what it’s like to go further into house and home (especially when I was unemployed)…I finally joined a community garden and each Tuesday forced myself to go. Totally out me in a cheerful mood.

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