Rain in Southern California!?! Wha?

So it started raining here on Sunday morning.  It’s been super dry here in sunny southernCalifornia.  The big bad drought has taken over.  And I was like – OMG – we’ve got to capture this rain – permaculture principles – don’t waste any of your resources, especially water!!  So I started running around the yard and the house looking for buckets to catch some of the water dripping off of the roof.  No, I haven’t yet installed a super duper rain-water-catching system so this is currently the state of the art at my house.

My husband saw me doing this and was amused.  I think he sees rain-water-barrel-type stuff as something that yuppies do, but at least he just got a laugh out of it.  He has become more open to the idea of putting a rain-catching-system on our garage, perhaps only because the rain that washes off of our garage collects behind the building and eventually starts to damage the building if it rains enough, but at least he’s open to the idea.

Rain.  I always feel like the plants and animals of SoCal are breathing a sigh of relief when the water falls from the sky.

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate such a thing.

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One Response to Rain in Southern California!?! Wha?

  1. emilytwist1 says:

    I’m in Texas and we’re having similar drought problems. So when it rains, even a little bit, everyone celebrates. I’ve also noticed that plants seem to respond better to rain than tap water. I’ve heard that this is due to the things added to tap water, like fluoride and chlorine.

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