It’s a snake!! It’s a lizard? It lives in my back yard???

So during one of my back yard improvement projects, I came across this little fellow.


When I first saw it I was freaking out because I thought it was a snake.  Then I realized it that it actually had itty bitty arms and couldn’t move very fast.  This little critter was living in a part of my yard that I try to avoid due to four barking neighbor’s dogs.  I had put down bricks to limit the massive amount of weeds that grow in this area.  This bad boy was living under the bricks.

So then I started thinking I could create a nifty pond environment for critters like this and blah blah blah.  I have too many projects going on both inside and outside of the house so I realized that this was a bad idea.  Maybe in the future.

Here is a close up of this fellow and also a picture of what I believe might be its eggs.  Did I mention that I found two of them?  Lizard love – aw.  Okay it’s probably a salamander? Lizard love sounds more romantic.



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4 Responses to It’s a snake!! It’s a lizard? It lives in my back yard???

  1. What *is* that (did you ever find out)? Is it a Salamander? Defintely doesn’t look like the lizards Im used to (the anoli).

  2. its a slender garden salamander

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