My Imaginary Friends Should Watch “The Affair”

Hello Out There!!

I’m going to pretend that you all love me and are dying to read my fabulous writing.  It’s more fun that way!

So I started watching a show called “The Affair”.  Oh boy.  So it sounds like your usual salacious TV fare but upon further review, no, methinks not.

Salacious – one of those words you’ve heard once or twice but aren’t quite sure the meaning of(at least I wasn’t) soooo…. “treating sexual matters in an indecent way and typically conveying undue interest in or enjoyment of the subject” – that is the definition that shows up in the Bing search engine info box.

Okay, there are a lot of sex scenes in this show, but there is so much more depth to this show than we usually see on the TV.

So as you might have guessed, this Showtime series is about a man and woman who have an affair.  Both of them are married to other people, making everything that much more complicated and ugly.

The show looks at what happens between these two characters from their perspectives – in some cases showing the same events twice – from both the man and then the woman’s perspective.  Who was the seducer?  That is what season one is like.

In season two, we are given two new perspectives, those of the spouses who have been abandoned.  Brilliance.

Now that I’ve started writing this I’m finding words inadequate.  I love how this show doesn’t really create a bad guy and a good guy.  I guess some would argue that it does, depending on which characters that you identify with the most.  I just feel that our world wants to paint things in black and white and life is so much more complex and multi-layered and difficult to navigate in a way that makes you “the good guy”.

Our need to label things bad and good is killing us in a lot of ways.  ie: the war on terrorism.

I was watching “The View”, and Maura Tierney was on that day, she plays one of the scorned spouses.  The ladies on the view were decidedly anti Noah Solloway, the man who played her cheating spouse.  Maura started defending his character and called him “brave”.  They weren’t buying it.

In season two Mr. Solloway gives us a whole monologue at his therapist that gives us more insight into his actions.  I thought it was brilliant.

If you’re a therapy voyeur, another good show is “In Treatment”.  I just looked that show up and realized that it was also created by Hagai Levi, as was “The Affair” – ha.  I bet he likes his therapy.

I should probably get some therapy – but I’ll save that for another blog post.

Later my friendly peoples.  🙂

UPDATE:  MARCH 23, 2017

So, in my opinion season 1 and season 2 of “The Affair” were very good.  However, after watching the beginning of season 3 I was rather disappointed.  The show is taking two directions it seems.  First, it is adopting a CSI plot line.  I think there is still plenty of material here to tap into without making a half-assed attempt at crime drama.  It also seems that everyone is just going to start sleeping with everyone else.  I felt the show had some a kind of moral center before but now it is just getting salacious – ha.  But maybe I feel this way because I’m just a prude.

I also read that the show’s creator, Hagai Levi, opted out of “The Affair” when he felt it was moving in the wrong direction.  You can read about that here if you are interested.

So, I didn’t finish watching season 3.  Maybe things improved after episode 3?  But I doubt it.


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