Searching for Emotional Connection: Night of the Iguana

“Night of the Iguana” is a movie that I first saw as a teenager.  It’s actually a play written by Tennessee Williams.

I came home from school one day and my dad was playing it on the VCR.  Yep, I’m that old.  I was instantly hooked.  I had never seen anything like it before.  It was a story that allowed the viewer a glimpse into the turmoil of emotionally unbalanced people.  That was definitely not something you would see on regular television back then.

But there was something deeper in this movie.  Something I could try to describe but would fall short in doing what I want to say justice.

I just looked up the movie to see if I could post some picture for this blog post.  Oh no!   It’s now being marketed as some kind of sex romp.  Ugh.  I wonder what Mr. Williams would say?  Don’t misunderstand me, it is not a sex romp movie.

I am making it sound too precious now.  If you watch it you may be disappointed.  The point of this blog post is not to try to sell you on the movie.  I guess I just wanted to express my appreciation for the amount of good television and writing that we have nowadays.  It wasn’t the case in the past.

For me at least, genuine emotional connection with the people around me is a pretty rare thing and finding some semblance of that connection in a gem of a TV show or movie is a real treat for me.  Maybe you can relate?  This is a topic I will expand on in future posts.

Are you ready for 2017?  I don’t know if I am.  All predictions seem to point to a crazy year ahead.


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