The Future of Social Media


So yesterday I was searching for WordPress blogs that really spoke to me.  I wanted to find blogs that made a connection and kept me wanting to read more and more posts.  I was looking at people who had followed my blog in the past.  Most of them have pretty much given up blogging and their posts are six months or more old.  I was checking out a lot of the blogs that I followed on my list.  Probably 80% of them do not post anything anymore either.  Even I gave up blogging for long time because, well, I guess I wasn’t very good at it.  I don’t think that’s true.  I think I just gave up on it too early and wasn’t consistent enough.  Blogging consistently, that is my intention this year.  However that might translate into YouTubing consistently.  I’m not sure if I will have time for both.

So what is the future of WordPress?  Is it just a bunch of dead blogs?  I know there must be a lot of good ones out there, but yesterday, I was not finding them.  Is everyone moving to YouTube these days?

So I watched a couple of YouTube videos in which Gary Vaynerchuk was being interviewed.  He is a trend watcher and has made a ton of money investing in companies like Google, Twitter, etc.  He started a show on YouTube about wine that helped grow his wine business tremendously.  He wholeheartedly believes that YouTube and social media are where business is going.  If you have any interest in building your own online business you might want to check out his videos.  I will post links below.  This was the most engaging content I have seen in a while and I thought I would share it with you.  He is very pro stop-whining-and-get-off-your-ass which seems to be what I need to hear these days.

Here is a video of an interview with Mr. Vaynerchuk.

So my own take on the future of social media.  I agree with Mr. Vaynerchuk.  I have very recently become more of a YouTube watcher than a TV watcher.  My husband influenced me a lot in this direction.  He watches a lot of YouTubers who post regularly on things like electronics and traveling and such.  He introduced me to two YouTubers – Adam the Woo and Deep Digger Dan.  These two fellows mostly just travel around and post YouTube videos about it every day or almost every day.  Many times their videos are not particularly interesting, but I find myself always wanting to see what they are up to.  You could see their content as mostly a waste of time but the fact that they post every day makes me feel connected to them.  They have become a consistent presence in my life in the last few weeks.

Here is the thing.  Their content is mostly useless as far as it will waste your time and often it is not that interesting but I keep coming back for more.  When they don’t post every day, I start to wonder what has happened.

This is something that Mr. Vaynerchuk pointed out – the importance of consistency in your social media endeavors.  I think once you become a consistent presence in people’s lives, you’ve got them hooked.

So I see the huge potential of YouTube in this way.  Especially since I’ve been looking for a YouTuber that provides more useful content and posts consistently, ideally once a day or more.  I have been looking and haven’t really found anything.  Granted, I probably haven’t looked very hard.  It is sort of hard to search for content on YouTube because there is so much random junk on there.  YouTube would probably serve itself well by creating a better way to search for specific content.  But they probably already know that?  Hey YOUTUBE –  there is my suggestion.  I know you are listening, ha.

I think people want to find that meaningful connection in this screwy world and hell, YouTube is a place to provide all kinds of content for free – not free, of course, as the time it takes to post stuff is definitely not free to me and you.

Creating quality content – yes that is the next tricky step.  How do I do that?  Thinking cap on.

Adios until tomorrow.

UPDATE:  So yesterday I said I would take action and inform you of the results.  So for anyone who is interested…

Okay, so the action that I took yesterday was not very impressive.  I left a comment on someone’s blog asking them if they have ever made friends on the internet that transferred into the real world.  This person didn’t respond and didn’t approve my comment yet.  Which is fine.  This person might not have looked at it or maybe thinks it’s a scam or something.  It was kind of a random comment out of the blue and this person’s blog only has one post on it.  If you read this post blogger person, don’t worry, you don’t have to respond, I’m cool with it.

That’s my new thing this year.  I’m going to try to to take anything personally.  I know I am weird and not everyone’s cup of tea, as they say.  Authenticity is the key right?  Not people pleasing.

My intention this year is to make real genuine friends that I can share all sorts of ideas with without being judged as being a nut.  I like to question everything and want someone who shares that interest.  I will find these people.  I will find them.

Adios until tomorrow.



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3 Responses to The Future of Social Media

  1. Smiles ] I used to have a blog on WordPress, so I can relate to what you wrote.

    Back then, I had over 5000 subscribers; but a large percentage of them either gave up on blogging, or they blogged once in a while.

    However, my blog had lots of views and interaction.

    I think that the WordPress community is a great one.

    Serious bloggers are using the self-hosted version of WordPress to conduct business and they use social media wisely to promote their blog.

    The WordPress-hosted version is for those who are new to blogging and would like to have an idea of what it is like to blog on WordPress.

    I think that new bloggers are quite naive; believing that all they have to do is merely publish their article and attract readers (Now, this is where the help of social media comes in).

  2. The_VacillatingPath says:

    “My intention this year is to make real genuine friends that I can share all sorts of ideas with without being judged as being a nut. I like to question everything and want someone who shares that interest. I will find these people. I will find them.”

    Ditto. ❤

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