To Blog or Not to Blog


So yesterday I was all fired up to be a regular blogger and get lots of followers.  Haha.

To blog or to write an online diary – that is the question?  Should I give out generic information about topics people don’t have time to read about or should I reveal details of my personal life they likely don’t care about either.

I already want to quit.  What?  Am I a quitter?

Can I commit to 365 days of blogging?  That sounds like a lot.  For now I will commit to 30 consecutive days and see how that goes.

I realize that I have become clueless, well, I always was clueless about how to drive traffic to a website.  Everyone is so savvy about it now, but I am still clueless.  I haven’t even mastered where to find free pictures yet.

I don’t want a lot of traffic.  I just want meaningful traffic.

It is difficult to change your life.  It becomes especially difficult as you get older.

My life has become more of a cautionary tale than anything else.  I can tell you all the ways that you can screw up your life.  Hah.  Stick around everyone to hear the vital info.

I will now draw a picture to go along with this blog post.  You will be impressed!!

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