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Follow Your Heart: A Cautionary Tale

What is your life purpose? From early on in my college career I wanted to study to be some type of counselor or therapist.  I knew that I was more observant than the average person and could watch people interact … Continue reading

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Emotional Rawness – Bring on the Waterworks

I feel very emotionally raw today.  This empath stuff ain’t for sissies.  I’m glad I discovered EFT because I don’t know how well I’d be doing without it.  It is just too much emotional purging for me to deal with … Continue reading

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Coming Out of the Blogging Closet

This is my secret blog.  I only told my best friend about it.  I don’t think I will tell anyone else about it.  I don’t know. I think about creating a blog that I promote to the whole world via … Continue reading

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Enjoying or Enduring Life

So I like to read blogs and see how the general population is doing at life.  There seems to be two themes: enjoying life and enduring life.  There is only a little bit of variation in between. Is it just … Continue reading

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