Evolve or Die: Options and Decisions


So I am trying to find a life plan and goals for 2017 that will motivate and energize me.  I can’t just do something to make money because at this point in my life it’s passion or death.  It’s not really a choice.  Trying to force myself to do something that I don’t really want to do isn’t feasible anymore.  I just can’t seem to focus, then I get frustrated with myself, this leads to a low level of depression and disgust with my lack of discipline and I just can’t do it.  I’d rather attempt something that I really want to do, fail badly at it, and be poor and homeless.  Of course preferably I would rather be successful, but looking at the worst case scenario – there it is.

So my latest ideas were these…

*Move toward becoming a consultant in the workplace.  The statistic I heard is that 80% of people feel disengaged in the workplace.  Things don’t have to be this way.  There are lots of better ways to manage people.  From what I have experienced, most businesses manage their workforce horribly.  This can change and I think that the future trend is that it will, if for no other reason than out of necessity.  I might try to start off in human resources or perhaps give free consultations for what exactly I’m not yet sure.

*Find a way to use my skills as an intuitive empath.  Say what?  So yeah, I haven’t yet gone into my backstory of how I realized that I was an intuitive empath.  It involves some ventures into the metaphysical world that many might see as bullsh*#.  But at any rate – when you personally experience things, it’s not so easy to dismiss them as bullsh*#.

The first path as a workplace consultant is appealing because it involves evolving the workplace.  Progress in general always seems to get me energized and motivated.  Don’t most people get motivated by this?  It also does not involve delving into the weird world of metaphysical woo woo when my family and husband are totally not versed in this world or in the case of my husband – think it is complete bullsh*%.  It is unappealing because it would potentially involve working with and trying to influence a lot of stubborn and disinterested people.  Empaths typically do not do well with conflict.  Also the business world is just – meh.

The second path as an intuitive empath is appealing because it involves delving into the unknown and my own unknown potentials.  It also would involve helping people deal with their issues and solve their problems, which is another thing that I am wired for but have never had the confidence or experience to pursue.  It is unappealing because of the ridicule and negative feedback I anticipate receiving from my husband and whoever else.

So there it is in a nutshell.  I guess I will delve into my story of how I discovered that I was an intuitive empath tomorrow.  I need to work on my story telling skills.  I am much better at summarizing things.



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