Lonely Intuitive Empath


So, if you are interested, in the previous entry I wrote about how I discovered that I was an intuitive empath.  Do you want me to write an informative blog post about the pros and cons of being an empath?  I doubt it.  There is a lot of that information on the internet that is better than whatever I would write here.

I have found the information provided by Heidi Sawyer particularly helpful lately.  Maybe I will post links to some of her YouTube videos later.  If you are struggling with feeling too sensitive, etc., you might want to check her stuff out.

I guess for me it has just allowed me not to beat myself up so much about not being able to deal with people and life in general as well as other people do.  I’m not experiencing the world the way that other people do so why should I be reacting to it the same way that other people do?  I am different in a way that most people interpret as bad, but that’s just their uninformed interpretation and opinion.

I think as empaths we really need to own who we are and what we are really about.  If we’re just trying to fit in in attempts to avoid calling attention to ourselves, we’re never really going to be happy.  I’m definitely not there yet but at least I see a path there that I could probably open up for myself if I’m willing to get out of my comfort zone.

I feel like I still need to sit down and learn a lot of stuff, read a lot of books, take classes etc. but I want to take action.  I’m tired of learning so much stuff and not putting it to use.  I feel useless in that regard.  Does anyone need to talk?  I like to hear people’s stories.  I feel like part of my life’s purpose is to help people deal with the most painful stuff.

Can anyone else relate?  I don’t know where to meet my tribe.  I will keep plugging away at this blog and start following more blogs that I relate to, but that’s not enough.  Meetup.com groups seem lacking to me.

Has anyone else found themselves a good group of outside-the-box friends?  Where did you find those people?  (Crickets)

Day 4 of blogging challenge – check.

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