Idea for a Club – Failures Anonymous?

Helllooo out there?

I know most people out there are busy on the treadmill of life.

How does this sound for an idea for a club – How about the Failure is Fun club?  Maybe the Failure Support Club?

I don’t think these titles really convey the idea that I’m trying to get across.

I think these days it’s hard to take a chance and step out of the comfort zone because oftentimes when you fail or don’t quite get the results that you were looking for you are afraid of facing ridicule and those awful feelings of not being good enough.

But taking risks is obviously needed for success or any kind of progress in life.

I just remember how when I was young and I did something stupid my dad would remind me of it again and again for years into the future.  DAD!!!  That was an effing stupid thing to do.  It has really made me afraid of taking chances.  Yes, I need to get over it already geez – I need to get back into my Emotional Freedom Technique again – but something in me is resisting.  I’m not sure what.  I want to take action and stop contemplating my emotional health.

Anyway if there are any parental units out there – don’t tell your kids sh*& like that!  It totally blows chunks into their future.  Give them big kudos for taking chances even if those chances don’t always work out.

But I got off topic there again.  If there was a club of people who would be supportive and give constructive feedback about whatever it is you were willing to take the risk of failing at – how awesome would that be?

I need to move off of the internet and into the real world, but that is scary.  Very scary.

Day 6 – check.



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