Exploring the Dark Side

I watched a show called The Leftovers a while back.  The premise of the show is that 2% of the world’s population has mysteriously disappeared in a sort of rapture or second coming scenario.  All the characters deal with it in their own way.  Some turn to religion, some turn away from religion, others join strange cults.  It is a very dark show.  One of the main things that I picked up on when I watched the show is that all of the characters have these dual lives.  They deal with the real world of their everyday lives, but underneath they are cracking up.

Isn’t this happening in society today without the second coming disappearance scenario?  Society just doesn’t work anymore and we are all still pretending that it does?

When the second season of The Leftovers ended it felt like a loss.  I even heard someone on the radio say that there should be a support group for people who watch the show.  Yes, she is right.  We need a support group to explore the dark side.  Why are things cracking up?  How do we rearrange everything to prevent it from happening?

I think I am reading the wrong blogs.  Maybe I need to travel down the dark side of blog town?  Are you a dark side blogger?

So I guess I need to do a bunch more emotional healing and soul searching.  I spent a lot of time doing that stuff last year and got burnt out on it.

I want to clean up big messes.  Anyone have a big mess they need help cleaning up?  I mean like your house or something.  I’m not yet qualified for emotional messes methinks.  There is just something so satisfying about watching a physical transformation.

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