Future Blog Topics

So I have been trying to blog every day.  Well, actually I have been blogging every day for the last 17 days – yay me.  But when I blog every day, the quality of the blog posts tends to be less fantastic.  My goal is to blog every day for 30 days.  I am finding that writing every day for a potential audience is a little like having an accountability partner and is helping me to clarify my conflicts and issues.

I want to write more about being an intuitive but…

This computer keeps trying to save a draft every few seconds and then whatever I’m typing gets screwed up.

I know you are fascinated by this.

I’m not feeling blog inspiration at the moment and this screwy computer isn’t helping.

I seriously need to escape from the small bubble that has become my life but my attempts to do so have not yielded very good results thus far.

So here are two blog topics I am considering.

  1. Posting a Heidi Sawyer video and talking about some of the things she discusses in the video.
  2. Discussing what my experience of being an intuitive is like.  No, I don’t feel like I have psychic powers.  I think I am more observant and see patterns and connections more than other people.
  3. Or I could talk about what went wrong at the metaphysical shop?  Why did I stop going there?

Do these sound interesting to anyone?

Hmm, I’m not sure they sound that interesting to me.  Well, maybe the metaphysical shop would hold your interest for slightly longer but that will take a significant amount of brain power to write as well as a non screwy computer.

Thanks for reading anyway.  I will be searching my brain for better content and do better tomorrow.

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