Talking to My Husband

My communication with my husband has been less than optimum for a while.  I think I need to have a real heart to heart conversation with him.

He is a very logical man and does not understand a lot of things about me and I don’t really try to explain them anymore.  In the past I have tried to explain things to him.  He seems to understand my point of view for a while and then just forgets about it completely and goes back to doing the same things that drive me nuts.

I feel like I am not one who is easily understood, so I cannot blame him.  I don’t know.  Male/female relationships are so complicated.  There are certain things that have been giving me a lot of anxiety lately and I really should get them out.

Wish me luck.  :-/

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One Response to Talking to My Husband

  1. Dayna says:

    Sending luck and love your way my dear

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