I’ve Said Too Much

I told my bestie best friend about this blog today.  Hello Miss BF if you ever find yourself on this page.

She knows me pretty well, but I don’t think she quite has a grasp on how weird I am.

Should I go back and edit some of my old posts?  Meh.

My husband is waking up now and I really hate having him snoop over my shoulder so I think that this post is going to be pretty short unfortunately.

Do  any of you feel this way?  Like the real you has to be kept secret because well….

Gotta go.  More on this topic tomorrow I guess.

I forgot to add my 5 things I’m grateful for so here goes…

1. Hot showers

2. Washing machines

3. Lightly sweetened rice cakes

4. Green plants all over the place due to the rain.  Yay!

5. A heater in the car – toasty



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One Response to I’ve Said Too Much

  1. Melinda says:

    There is nothing more freeing than allowing your true self to shine. As Glennon Doyle Melton and Brene Brown say, Life is Brutiful. It is meant to be both beautiful and brutal. I hope you continue to keep saying too much. xo

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