Australian TV Comedy: Please Like Me

Having started about five other blog posts and not liked them for one reason or another I thought I would choose to write about something more fun today.

I recently discovered a television show called Please Like Me.  The main character is a young, not super ambitious man who is trying to navigate and discover the ins and outs of his own sexuality.  Ha ha ins and outs – yes I typed that.

Why is this TV show different from other shows?  The main character, Josh, is played by Josh Thomas, which seems appropriate because you get the idea that the show is largely based upon Josh Thomas’s life experiences.  Or maybe that was just my intuitive side reading into things.  I don’t know.  Who cares?

Anyway, the characters in the show are often pretty silly but are more real and relatable than the glamorized and or snarky characters often found in today’s television fare.

In the show Josh isn’t afraid to wear his insecurities on his sleeve.  He often mentions how disappointed he is in his face, how he’s fat, etc, hence the title Please Like Me.

The show isn’t afraid to delve into lesser explored topics such as mental illness, and the pilot episode contains a good dose of Mr. Josh dealing his own mother’s mental illness.

I could write bloggy stuff about it all day, but watching a simple clip will tell you much more that my blathering.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a one minute video worth?

I also love that the show does a unique opening sequence and the happy little song they play during the opening sequence so I found this compilation of them on YouTube.

And I know that – ain’t nobody got time for that – but just in case you do.



5 Things I’m Grateful For

  1. TV for cats – the cats really love it too
  2. Squirrels
  3. Vinegar chips
  4. Unique television shows
  5. The fact that I have no children to worry about
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