Goals and Accountability

Aaagh, self-improvement.  I am afraid to set serious goals because I’m afraid of failing myself again.  When things go wrong in life I tend to fall off of the wagon and resort to automatic pilot again.

I sample the offerings of various gurus who offer sage advice about how to change your life.  One of these gurus is Peter Sage.  His idea is that trying to maintain discipline to change yourself without having a real purpose is going to be difficult.  I like to think of the analogy of white knuckling it.  You’re going through all of the motions of self-improvement – meditation, exercise, pushing your limits – etc – but you’re just barely hanging on.  You are hanging on for dear life and you just want to give up.

What motivates me?  Progress.  I want to make progress in my life and I was to facilitate progress in the world.  If I can accomplish those two things I think I could be happy.  I don’t need the perfect mate or the perfect house or the perfect income or all of that stuff.  Hopefully if I feel like I’m making progress those things will eventually sort themselves out.

I’ve been letting myself get depressed and discouraged and have been forgetting that as far as I can tell Progress is the one thing that makes me happy.  Even just deluding myself into thinking I’m making progress is enough – as writing in this blog every day feels like progress.

Anyway, I really do want to get out of my bubble.

I  like the idea of having accountability partners.  Are you trying to accomplish something that you would like to be held accountable for?

If you would like me to check in on you on a daily basis via email or whatever you can email me at visionarieswillprevail at gmail dot com.  I’ll be checking this email once a day in the morning.  Or leave a comment and share your thoughts on the subject.

I need to fix up this blog and make it all spiffy and organized like the rest of you folks before I even try to get people to read it I guess.

Thanks for stopping by.

Things I Am Grateful For

  1. Excessive amounts of rain
  2. Personal development gurus
  3. Email
  4. Free blog hosting services
  5. Free YouTube videos




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