A Lack of Freedom

I feel as if I don’t have control over my own life.  I guess I’m just not willing to do what it takes to have control over my own life.

But this lack of control, this lack of freedom is so frustrating.  I have only experienced such a small slice of what a lack of control feels like and I hate it so damn much.

I can only imagine how frustrated those millions, well really billions of people who lack the freedom that they want and desire feel.  There are so many simple, complex and just plain horrible ways that people can take away someone’s freedom.

Our economic system is the biggest one of course.  So many people seem to feel satisfied to just be a cog in the wheel of this system though.  Or are they?  At least here in the U.S. it seems they are.  Is 2017 the year that the cracks in our system really start to turn into huge rifts that lead to collapse?  I’m guessing they won’t though.  People keep on predicting this but it never seems to happen.

I am already a fringe person and really expressing myself seems like a bad idea.  Fear controls me.  Self doubt controls me.  Lack of clear direction paralyzes me.  Lack of money, social skills, etc. – how do I overcome all of these and gain true freedom?

Things I am grateful for…

  1. Words
  2. Challenging experiences and how they have shaped me
  3. Mountains
  4. Trails
  5. Snacks of all kinds


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