Conspiracy Craziness on the Down Low

I wrote the blog below two years ago but never posted it.  Today I found it in the list of my drafts and was amused by it.  It’s nice to be amused by your own writing once in a while.  I guess it’s more of a rant really, but amusing, at least to me, nonetheless.

I did not post it at the time because I was hoping to maintain some level of social acceptability on this blog.  I have delved down the rabbit hole of preaching conspiracy to the world and gotten quite horrific results.  And watching the little video at the end I can totally see how those who are uninitiated into this world would find it all a bit insane.  I guess it’s definitely a process of slowly absorbing the insanity that is conspiracy theory.  It’s definitely not something you want to dive into head first.

In fact, if you are not already somewhat initiated into the world of conspiracy or find it something that you are strangely drawn to – then you should just skip the rest of this post.  It will probably just make you think I’m insane.

But the brain of the intuitive is designed to see beyond the facade and look past the lies and deceit.  We have built in lie detectors.  We can’t really help ourselves.  It’s in our DNA methinks.

Although this post sounds rather lighthearted, when I first began exploring the world of conspiracy I was really shocked and sickened.  At the time of writing the post below I had already been a conspiracy “nut” if you will for a while.  The true events of 911 are something that this country is going to have a very hard time dealing with if they ever truly come to light – CNN style – especially with the ever comforting Mr. Trump at the helm.

But if I’m going to delve down the dangerous path of 100% authenticity – eff it – I might as well post this.

I don’t plan on writing much about this topic on here.  I have come to peace with conspiracy theory to some extent – at least for now.  How I came to peace with it is a topic I perhaps will write about in a future post, or not.

Thanks for stopping by yet again.

My two year old unposted blog follows…

I cannot decide if my pursuit of truth these days is good or bad for my soul.  Trying to discover the truth has become such an important part of my journey through life that I can’t believe that it is just a destructive obsession that keeps me from other more productive pursuits.  There’s a reason that I have always been drawn to find deeper meaning and truth in the knowledge that I acquire.  I am here to save the world.

“GAG – BARF – Who the eff do you think you are?”


Ah, saving the world.  The world doesn’t need us to save it.  If we abuse it to the extent that it can no longer support us, it would probably breathe a sigh of relief and start the healing process.

“The meek shall inherit the earth.”

So this Bible quote popped into my mind last night as I was unable to sleep.  But the meek are being trampled on every day.  Why is this Bible quote popping into my mind right now?  I am not a religious person.

When I think of this quote I think of the movie Gandhi and a scene where he is meeting with some important dignitaries.  A servant enters the room to provide them with tea and Gandhi ushers the servant away and begins serving tea to the dignitaries himself.

Then comes to mind the story in the Bible where Jesus washes the feet of the apostles.  This is the work of the lowliest of servants.

Both of these could be construed as radical displays of egalitarianism – a big word that just means we are all equal.

Where am I going with this?  I am uncomfortable with my own privilege.  The “ultimate” conspiracy theory out there – the Illuminati – this hierarchical pyramid maintained through the manipulation of money and secrecy – is something that I have benefited from greatly.  The American dollars that are in my bank account have value because of the power of a U.S. military that has taken over countries under false pretenses and commandeered their resources.  They have done it many times over in covert and overt ways.  I can buy cheap Chinese goods made by workers who are likely living in poverty or slave-like conditions that I could never endure and I don’t give it much thought.  It’s the system that we live in and we don’t see the repercussions of it directly so it doesn’t really exist for us, or at least we can pretend that it doesn’t.

Ugh, I am getting preachy here.  You already know this.  How many times have these same ideas been expressed?

How can I atone for this?  How can any of us atone for this?

Discovering a livelihood that I can feel good about is what has been churning in my mind and haunting me.  I am ashamed of my lack of contribution to the world and also to the community financial situation that is my marriage.

I don’t have the answer.  The end.

No.  That’s not what I wanted to day.  There is hope.  I have great wisdom.

My college degree could qualify me for some mid-level pyramid mostly meaningless administrative assistant type job.  But what I should really be doing is starting my own religion.  Yes, that’s it.  No, I’m joking – don’t unfollow my bloggie blog just yet.

Displays of radical egalitarianism – that’s how Gandhi and Mr. Jesus gained the incredible amount of influence that allowed them to have such a huge impact during their lifetimes and well beyond.

How do I incorporate this into my life pursuits?  I just want to have a little bit of positive influence on the world – I have no desire to reach Jesus or Gandhi-esque levels.

I have some ideas but I’m not yet ready to share them.

I need to go re-watch the movie Gandhi with the husband because I don’t believe he has ever watched it and there is more wisdom that I need to glean from it.

Sorry – this huge conclusion is very anticlimactic.

Now I will post a link to a YouTube video to cement the lameness of this post.  No really, this video sort of represents the state of my brain.  It’s a little bit chaotic and churning and silly and ashamed and I don’t know.  This video is about the New World Order and how we are all really participants in it rather than just helpless victims.

The part spoofing Russell Brand was pretty amusing.  I know you probably don’t have time to watch this silliness.  Oh well.  Your loss.  🙂

Thanks for reading all of this rambling.

By the way, if you click on CC at the bottom of the video it will turn on captions.  Who knew?  Pretty cool.


Things I’m grateful for…

  1. Avocadoes
  2. French fries
  3. The ideal of freedom of expression
  4. Snow in the mountains
  5. My husband
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