100% Authenticity 100% of the Time


So several years ago I watched one of Oprah’s Life Classes that featured Martha Beck.  In that class Martha Beck described an experience she had while on the operating table in the hospital in which – and yes I’m summarizing this quite a bit – she experienced pure bliss.  She was told that in order to experience this all the time – she had to be 100% honest 100% of the time – meaning no white lies, no pretending to be happy when you’re not – none of those innocent dishonesties that we all engage in to various degrees.

Many of the people in the class audience of the class said they felt like they were living fake lives – interacting with people on a superficial level and never really communicating their true thoughts and feelings.  Martha pointed out how when you are doing this your pretend self is interacting usually with someone else’s pretend self and the encounter is usually pretty pointless and draining.

Martha advocates dropping all the pretense and telling it like it is.  The people who don’t like it will just get out of your life and the ones who really matter will stay.

How brave does one have to be to do this?

How much awesome potential would my life have if I was that brave?  Or would I just implode everything?

Things I’m grateful for…

  1. Music – specifically George Michael songs at the moment – FREEDOM – I won’t let you down…
  2. Reverse osmosis filtered water
  3. My new haircut
  4. My mostly clear skin
  5. Four wheel drive cars


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2 Responses to 100% Authenticity 100% of the Time

  1. Yes!!! So many times, I’ve caught myself saying something other than what I actually mean. It really does take a certain amount of bravery to tell it like it is.
    Thanks for writing this! It’s a great reminder 🙂

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