Enjoying or Enduring Life

So I like to read blogs and see how the general population is doing at life.  There seems to be two themes: enjoying life and enduring life.  There is only a little bit of variation in between.

Is it just that the young people are enjoying life and the older people are enduring life?  I’m not sure.  I guess I need to gather more data.  And I don’t have time to gather that much data.

There seem to be a lot of INFPer type people enduring.  Well I guess there are a few who seem to be enjoying more than enduring.

My happiness pendulum swings between enduring and enjoying on a daily basis.  I just need more enjoying and less enduring.

Grateful for…

  1. Money in my bank account
  2. The ocean
  3. A clean water supply
  4. TV remote controls
  5. Green plants


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5 Responses to Enjoying or Enduring Life

  1. Turns out I am an INFP too:-). No wonder I like reading your blog so much! I never really dived into the topic much, but you referenced it a few times and so it peaked myinterest. I’ve been reading about this type at personality junkie.com. I was amazed at how validated it made me feel. What resonated with me is having the ‘bohemian spirit’ yet not the willingness to survive as a ‘starving artist’. Certain material comforts are necessary but doing work without a calling drains the life force right out of us. A bit of a conundrum for sure! For me, I look mainstream and live mainstream but desire to rise above it all and make a real difference in the world too. Maybe we’re perfectly positioned to make a difference if only we knew what that was! For now, I suppose it is about self-discovery. Maybe we’re just supposed to ‘peak’ later in life. Yeah, that sounds good. I’m going with that😉 ~Brandi

  2. What I referenced above was found in the different passages about the INFJ so that is probably why you didn’t see it;). Yes, I am finding a lot of articles and people really into this subject, for good reason, it is so validating and clarifying! I had my husband take the test and wow, it is right on about our challenges. Are you part of the 40 club yet, lol!

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