Emotional Rawness – Bring on the Waterworks

I feel very emotionally raw today.  This empath stuff ain’t for sissies.  I’m glad I discovered EFT because I don’t know how well I’d be doing without it.  It is just too much emotional purging for me to deal with at the moment.  I guess that’s not true because I’m dealing with it, just not very well.

But today – I’m just sad and I can’t really put my finger on why.  I guess that’s an empath thing.  We pick up on the emotions of other people.  Perhaps the collective anger/sadness/frustration of the new and unimproved Donald Trump Era is getting to me.

Perhaps it is just me seeing the dysfunctional relationship patterns that have played and are playing themselves out and realizing that I haven’t escaped these patterns.  I got married without fully dealing with my childhood baggage and – voila – I have partially recreated a family pattern that I thought I was smart enough to escape.  Foolish me – so foolish.

Life is so complicated.

Grateful for…

  1. EFT
  2. My alone time for emotional purging
  3. The catharsis that crying provides
  4. Laughter – and its cathartic properties
  5. People getting pissed off at Trump – YES – people care – that is good – now how to we transform and redirect this anger into something positive and creative?
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