Super Clean Diet Woes

So my energy levels are all over the place and this is causing wild mood swings and YAY – that’s always fun.

So I guess I need to have a super clean diet – no processed food, no wheat, no dairy, no anything fun etc.  If I don’t have the energy levels under control no other goals are really going to be accomplished.

But how clean does it have to be?

I went on an elimination diet on the advice of a holistic doctor a few years ago.  That was not easy.  Giving up certain foods wasn’t as difficult as giving up convenience.  But then those feelings of deprivation on every level kick in – it is socially limiting as well as just tedious to prepare healthy food and BLEH.

I need to have other fun things in my life before I commit to a super pure diet.  Trying to cut out all of those fun foods is extra difficult when your life is already in a not-so-happy place.

Strategizing – yes, I need to do that.

I have been good about avoiding dairy and wheat so I can give myself some credit for that.

Eating yummy food is not worth feeling tired all of the time.

Has anyone ever heard of breatharianism?  Yes, that is looking better to me every day.

Everything I eat seems to have some level of toxicity for me, even the healthiest of foods have negative effects on me.  I often have more energy when I don’t eat anything.

I will figure it out.  Yes, I will.

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4 Responses to Super Clean Diet Woes

  1. truthearth says:

    Before I went on this juice fast I had similar thoughts..I just wanted to enjoy food for a bit longer before doing a cleanse and then really getting into a 100% raw vegan diet. I got brain fog, digestive issues and other symptoms that were definitely diet related with my former diet.

    It’s a peculiar situation here on Earth, we are experiencing this beautiful evolutionary process, but we are being held hostage by psychopaths who want to lower our vibration. What is an Earthling to do? Our food is poisoned our water is poisoned and everything in between. We crave foods that taste great but are not conducive for this process. I say do the best you can! Everyone will get to where they are going! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. <333

    • Yes, eating is very problematic these days. I think I’m getting better at giving up the yummy stuff. Now when I eat some of that stuff it just doesn’t taste that great anymore. Yes, I need to start juicing. I just hate cleaning that juicer.

      Thanks for your comment and your post about breatharianism. It’s nice to find someone who I can communicate about this stuff with who doesn’t just think I’m fruity. 🙂

      • truthearth says:

        Ha *pun intended to your last sentence. Yeah like anything that is metaphysical and has spiritual significance it is ridiculed and dismissed. Yeah cleaning the juicer has been a bit of a bummer but i’m doing that instead of doing a bunch of dishes so it kinda evens out. When I became I vegan/gluten-free I sought to create my own verisons of the things I used to eat; vegan gluten free corn dogs (these were AMAZING), mac and cheese, chinese food (w/ Soy Curls as the meat), pasta alfredo, I tried it all and it was awesome! But I would add that forcing your body to do something it is not ready for can cause more damage than good. It helps to just listen to it and give it what it is telling us it needs. I’ve read part of these ascension symptoms is a fluctuation of dietary changes, sometimes I felt like eating really heavy (fried stuff) and other days I would fast. I just went with the flow.

      • Yes, if I try to deprive myself too much of the things I am craving I tend to wind up having a binge somewhere down the road. Balance is good.

        I would probably try out the breatharian thing if the people around me were understanding and supportive of it. But I know they won’t be. I think I already have a reputation for being a bit fruity. :-/

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