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Observing Relationship Patterns: What is the Point?

Hello Bloggie Bloggers!! That upbeat greeting doesn’t really reflect my mood at the moment.  I feel tired and discouraged.  I feel like I don’t really exist in the world in any meaningful way.  My internet blog peers seem leaps and … Continue reading

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Empath in Conflict Follow Up and Speaking Your Truth

So I was thinking about my last post about a conflict with my husband, which you can find here, and remembered some things that I didn’t mention in that post. One of the things that I told my husband when … Continue reading

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How Does This Empath Deal With Conflict? Not Very Well – But Showing Improvement

Oh bloggie bloggers?  How art  thou? I begin composing many blogs in my head only to abandon them.  It is difficult to decide what is appropriate/useful/interesting to share with y’all.  This one is iffy on the appropriate side but I … Continue reading

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Hello Mom

My mom is currently visiting so I don’t have much time to write in this here bloggie blog. Oh my mom – what to say?  She’s a nice lady who also drives me nuts. This is mostly due to my … Continue reading

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