Energetic Connections and Is Everyone on an Upswing?

I read a few blogs of ladies who are struggling with whatever challenges they have in their lives.  Some days they are doing better with these challenges and some days not as well.

I remember watching a show, I wish I could remember exactly what show, but it pointed out that if someone is doing well, happy, successful, etc., then it seems that goodness will spill over into the lives of all the people they are connected to.  They even drew a picture of the interconnected goodness that spreads from one person to the next, even through degrees of separation where the parties aren’t even acquainted with one another.

I’ve also noticed in my own life that when I’m not doing so well, some of the people around me will also be experiencing a lack of awesomeness in their lives too.

I’m on a bit of an upswing myself and wasn’t surprised to find several hopeful entries in my blog reader this morning.

Do our energies effect one another even through the blogosphere?  Or do our vibrations effect everyone around us in that Butterfly Effect that people talk about?

Thinking this way gives me greater motivation to get my s&*t together anyway.

Here are some links to blog posts of ladies who are feeling hopeful and making progress today: Krystal JoyMadison LangBailey Holladay, Dayna and Dayna.

YAY!!  🙂


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One Response to Energetic Connections and Is Everyone on an Upswing?

  1. Dayna says:

    We are all connected and our sphere of influence most definitely extends our energy to those around us, even in the blogosphere! Glad you are motivated by it! 😉 Thanks for the mention.

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