Point B Seems Out of Reach

I feel like writing a lot of things in here but also know that it would be unwise to do so.

I feel socially inept lately.  How do I fit back into the game of life?

There are some social events coming up for me and I am dreading all of them.  The people that I spend time with have no interest in the things that I want to talk about – the things that make me feel alive.

But I feel unworthy of pursuing friendships with the people who may share my interests.

In my mind I am an idealist who wants to change the world.  In reality, I am just a ….insert any number of less than flattering words here.

I am feeling hopeful, but I am uncertain how to begin.  Point B, where I want to be, seems pretty damn far away from where I am right now.  I’ve been stuck at point A too long and I realize that I’ll never be happy here.

Baby steps are needed.   Or maybe a complete reboot?

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2 Responses to Point B Seems Out of Reach

  1. If you lived nearby we’d have great conversations over coffee or maybe tea in your case;). I felt all of those things too as I began to shift; I still dread certain social situations but I have dropped any expectation of gaining anything from going and get through it by really listening to people, asking questions and observing. People love talking about themselves and I am curious about what makes people tick so I suppose it isn’t a total drag. I do that because usually the events I dread going to are the ones where I wouldn’t expect to find people of like mind and typically conversation is superficial so I keep them talking. I like to see if I can find something that lights them up in an effort to connect them to their authentic self. And usually in this process, I haven’t given away anything ‘deep’ about myself because they never asked. So yeah, it is one sided, but not so bad. You’ll find your tribe. Hang in there. ~Brandi

    • I sometimes try to get people to play games to avoid the boring/snarky conversations. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Once I get a better direction in life these events won’t be as meh. Shame on top of boredom and disconnection is not so great. Thanks for liking my posts. Too bad we don’t live closer. 🙂

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