Conflicted Mind, Chaotic World and Donald Trump Urinates

I feel happy, but in a naughty little kid sort of way.  Am I always up to no good or what?

So I read about people’s mystical experiences and explorations of spirituality and I am jealous.

Yes, potentially I could pursue these types of experiences but in my world these are akin to breaking the rules.

Ever since I revealed to my husband some not so coherent things about my false twin flame experience, he is very much against all things related to spirituality.  Any time he catches me looking at something related to spirituality he says “Are we losing you again?”, “Are you going to start talking about soul flame nonsense again?”


But time spent on practical things just seems like time wasted.  It’s all so dull. When I work on 3D practical things I get this sense of urgency that this is just not what I’m supposed to be doing.  I’m just maintaining the hamster wheel when I’m supposed to be helping everyone find a way off of the hamster wheel.

The well-trained conformist in me wants to follow all the rules and make everyone happy.  But my soul says “hell no sista”.

I just want to dance and play and celebrate life at the moment.  How do I make something like that profitable?

Cash is king of us all.  Bleh.

Are the 60s coming back?  If it’s happening, mainstream media is definitely not putting that in the headlines.  They love to focus on angry banter and cheesed off protesters.

I feel like part of my job is to bring back that 60s vibe.  Where is the love?  The joy?  The sensuality?  In today’s movements it’s all about anger and blame.  That energy won’t move us forward.  I sense that the powers that be are very afraid of happy vibes.

So in somewhat related news I had a Donald Trump piss dream?  Wha?

In this dream I was in a meeting at the Donald Trump White House.  I was a White House/Donald Trump employee.  The meeting was highly contentious and everyone was very cheesed off at Trump and he was cheesed off at them.

President Trump decided to express his dissatisfaction in a very biological way.  He used his, ahem, penis, in a garden hose type way.  You know when you put your thumb over the hose nozzle to create a fine mist type thing?  That’s what he was doing to his penis and using it to spray urine on everyone in the meeting.  Wha?

Later Mr. Trump left and I was working with someone who was supposed to be managing everything for him.  This man was complaining and sabotaging everything while writing on a chalk board for some reason.  He was hoping to get fired soon.

Everything in the building was dirty and dusty because the cleaning staff were so angry that they weren’t motivated to clean properly.  Yikes.

This dream seems like a confirmation of something that Dayna mentioned in her post – she received guidance that everything is up for grabs on this planet at the moment.

Strange times we live in.


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One Response to Conflicted Mind, Chaotic World and Donald Trump Urinates

  1. The_VacillatingPath says:

    I would recommend that you write down all your dreams that feel important (I think this one qualifies, and I think this counts as recording it).

    As things unfold for you some dreams may end up being symbolically prophetic.

    I have had intense dreams that were insane if you viewed them verbatim, but symbolically they showed huge prophetic announcements (including when Trump announced he was running for President, I didn’t realize that my dream that night was tied to that day but later I made the connection and then the content of the term proved itself to be “what was to come”.).

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