Back From Albuquerque

I’m feeling pretty detached from most people and things in my life these days.  It’s not that I don’t care but I know that life is just an experience that we take all too seriously.  I guess being this way makes things easier to deal with in life.  People seem to interpret my detachment in a negative way, especially my husband.

So I visited my Aunt who is in the process of dying of pancreatic cancer.  In a way I am jealous of her.  She has done a lot of things in her life and I think she is content to say good-bye to this world at this time.  Initially the doctors sent her home and told her that she could eat whatever she wanted and that her family should just spoil her.  But I guess this has become a contentious issue between her two remaining living children who are caring for her.  Her son is pushing for her to hang on a little longer and encouraging her to eat more nutritious food.  Her daughter has accepted the inevitable and just wants to let my aunt do what makes her happy in her final days.

My aunt is one of those rare gems of people who never has a bad thing to say about anyone.  I remember as a kid I would hear her describe this super nice man or a really great lady from her church in such glowing terms.  I wondered where all these people were who were such gems because I wasn’t really finding these kinds of people in the world myself.  I used to think we must occupy different universes but perhaps it was just that my aunt brought out the best in people.  She was very generous and always happy to give things to people but wanted to see the gratitude in return.  She was having a good time giving away her extensive jewelry collection when we were there.  Her jewelry isn’t really valuable.  It is mostly things she bought at thrift stores and yard sales.  But goodness, she really collected a lot of it.  What is pictured below is only a small portion of her collection.

My train ride was interesting with a side of very tiring but I think I’ll write about that in another post.


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