Sex is Bad M’kay

Here are a few things that are on my mind lately that either don’t seem blog worthy – as in using them for an entire post – or are too personal to explore on this blog at a deeper level.  What do you think?  Any comments or feelings?  Confusion?  Disgust?  Apathy?

  1. I hate sex.  I could go into my whole sexual history and current situation but that would just be salacious and embarrassing.  I like that word, salacious, for some reason.  I try not to get sad about this first world problem.  Some people are starving and living as sex slaves or experiencing any number of other such horrible things but waaaahhhh….I can’t have an orgasm…waaaaahh.  Sex has also become painful so that is fun.  It wouldn’t be that big of a problem for me except that it makes relationships a serious pain in the ass.  Lately I just try to ignore all things sexual.  I have absolutely no interest.  I might as well be 80 or something as far as this is concerned.
  2. Some days I feel strong and like I’m ready to face the world and maybe even take on some pointless job that is mentally exhausting, perhaps even sales, gasp.  Then there are days where I feel completely hopeless, useless and exhausted.  Is it all just related to chemicals in my brain?  Probably.  So less MSG and more exercise is the solution perhaps?  They sneakily put MSG into everything – those bastards.  Eating a pure clean diet is so difficult and so boring.  WAAAAH.  More first world woes.
  3. What percentage of couples actually have good sex?  Like 5% maybe?  If people aren’t stressed out up to their eyeballs, they’re not communicating well, or have some emotional or health problem or….I hate sex.  It just makes life so complicated.   I salute all you people having great sex out there.  Yes, I am f***ing jealous.

That concludes my Debbie Downer rant for the day.  I will try to come up with something more optimistic next time.


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8 Responses to Sex is Bad M’kay

  1. Dayna says:

    I’ve been where you are regarding sex. I understand. It was just recently my sexual side turned back on but for my husband, not so much. Perhaps there is hope? I say go with how you feel, don’t judge yourself for it and see what happens over time. Who knows what might happen? As for your second consideration – me, too. This is my cycle as well. You are not alone.

  2. The_VacillatingPath says:

    Love the Southpark inspired subject line. 😉

    I only see a limited side of your life, but this is the side that you need to express because it is the reason you are writing about it…

    And this is horribly inappropriate thing to ask but I am going to ask it anyway…

    Do you even want to be married anymore? (and if you don’t, why do you stay?)

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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