Be the Walker Not the Dog

So the TV series Girls recently aired their final episode of the series.  As someone else whose blog I read mentioned, I have a sort of love hate relationship with that show, but it’s definitely more love than hate.  Although I have a hard time recommending the show because I think some people might find aspects of it offensive due to lots of nudity/sex/spoiled white women – if you like strange quirky TV or are a young person trying to make it in the world, then you might want to check it out.

At any rate, one scene in the show was very memorable to me.  The character Shoshanna is trying to decide whether she should take a job in Japan or stay and work for her new love interest, who has offered her a job.  The character Hermies, played by Colin Quinn, tells Shoshanna not to attach herself to some man and be dependent on him.  He tells her to make her own way in the world,  “Be the walker, not the dog.”  Anyway, this is good advice ladies.  Now that I’ve watched the clip again I am somewhat less impressed by it.  Perhaps you need to be absorbed in the show to really feel the vibe.  At any rate I didn’t want to neglect my bloggie blog so I thought I would make a little post.

Thanks for stopping by.  🙂

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