Helping Children Deal with Anxiety and I May Have Had Some Positive Influence – Say Wha?

So my bestie best friend talks to me about her parenting issues from time to time.  Her daughter is a very strong willed and outgoing child who also seems to have a lot of anxiety.  After foolishly  letting her daughter watch “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” her daughter became afraid to be alone in their house and has to follow her mom everywhere she goes from room to room.

I suggested she try EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – with her daughter to help her deal with her anxiety.  I think I may have mistakenly given the impression that it would help her daughter stop sucking her thumb, which it may not really do.  But I figured it might help her deal with the underlying anxiety that causes her to suck her thumb.  At any rate, I’m not sure that my friend is sold on EFT but she said that her daughter seems interested in it and wanted her mom to practice it with her – SO YAY!!!  Maybe I got through to the 5 year old.  Maybe she will have a way to deal with the difficult times in her life that so many of us(me) have allowed to hold us back.  Yes, I am probably being overly optimistic here but a girl can always dream.

So what can I say about EFT to the people of the world or at least the two people who might read this post?  I’m probably preaching to the choir here anyway but just in case someone else less knowledgeable stops by I need to choose my words wisely.  I don’t want to gush about it because then people just think that I must be full of crap.

EFT is a helpful tool that may help one deal with difficult emotions that hold them back from achieving their dreams or that make dealing with every day life difficult.

To me it has been most helpful when I am in the middle of an emotional crisis.  But I can also feel its subtle influence on days when I practice it in the morning.  I seem to be in a better mood on those days and my day just seems to go more smoothly.  I don’t let small setbacks get me down as much.

The other thing that I like about it is that you don’t have to share your problems and embarrassing issues with anyone.  You can simply process them and work through them privately and no one has to be any the wiser.  This is especially helpful in today’s world where mental illness has such stigma and consulting a professional will likely get you a prescription for mind altering drugs.

At any rate, in case people think that EFT aka Tapping is just something that is practiced in the back rooms of new age churches, take a look at these videos.

I should be practicing this more myself but I have gotten out of the habit.  Perhaps I will begin writing daily posts about my EFT practice and commit to doing it every morning for a week.  I am not very good with daily habits.

Try some EFT!!  What have you got to lose??  Or don’t.  I will still love you either way.  No worries.


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4 Responses to Helping Children Deal with Anxiety and I May Have Had Some Positive Influence – Say Wha?

  1. The_VacillatingPath says:

    I first heard about EFT from an online friend who used it to help her nervous horse. 🙂 It is good stuff!

  2. Yay! I’m glad you found it helpful. That’s how I got into it too. I listened to the Tapping Summit. I’m not sure I mentioned that on my blog. Woot!

  3. I had heard about EFT awhile back ,but didn’t give it much thought until I read your previous blog posts about it. I went online to check it out and the timing was right because I was able to sign up for a free online10 day summit. I tapped everyday and discovered a negative subconscious belief that I believe was/is holding me back. I believe tapping has helped me to face and clear that belief. I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to check out tapping and it was to my great benefit:) Thank you!

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