Tony Robbins Can Solve Problems

Ha, yes I did come across a Tony Robbins video randomly on my YouTube feed the other day.  Help me Tony!!!  Haha.

So this particular video was filmed at some big seminar event and Tony was talking to a couple about what was going wrong in their marriage.  I would post it here but there was some lady interrupting all the time and giving commentary, which was very annoying, so I will not subject anyone to that.  Plus it was an hour and a half long.  I only got through an hour of it before I got interrupted.

His advice was perhaps oversimplified but seemed to be helping this couple.  His no BS approach was refreshing.

So I looked up Tony’s qualifications/education and guess what?  He doesn’t have any formal education beyond high school.  He also happened to have grown up in the town right next to mine.  Go figure.

So then I started considering how little practical training that we are given in our formal education regarding relationships and dealing with people.  I wouldn’t have to be a super duper expert to be able to offer some simple training on this subject.  I still have a lot to learn but I think I can learn a lot from books and videos and whatnot without sitting it a classroom.

If nothing else, I could just have meetup groups for free and see if I am any good at this or have the ovaries for it.

I can’t just learn stuff anymore.  I need to put it into action in some small way at least or I’ll just be stuck in fear and indecision.

Anyway, that’s my latest train of thought.


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