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Some Thoughts on Feng Shui

I listened to a few free promotional audios about Feng Shui.  It fascinates me but often sounds so silly.  I guess that’s just my conflicted relationship with woo woo – ness coming out yet again.  It’s almost like magic.  I … Continue reading

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Should I Get a Job or Create a Business?

A big debate that goes on in my head is whether I should try to start my own business doing some idealistic thing or if I should get a job. Whenever I look at jobs on the internet I get … Continue reading

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More Conflicted Mind and a Trip to Vegas

Hello Everyone!! I’ve just been working on mundane things.  My husband and I are planning to go to Las Vegas for his brother’s wedding.  It’s another one of those insensitive male/sensitive passive female relationships.  D’oh.  Actually it does seem that … Continue reading

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Conflicted Mind, Chaotic World and Donald Trump Urinates

I feel happy, but in a naughty little kid sort of way.  Am I always up to no good or what? So I read about people’s mystical experiences and explorations of spirituality and I am jealous. Yes, potentially I could … Continue reading

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